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DISAB - Innovator of VacPower
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DISAB Vacuum Technology AB (DISAB Vacuum Technology), including its subsidiary DISAB Gmbh ( DISAB-TELLA AB ( and the recently acquired operations of Vibramat AB (commonly called the "DISAB Group" or the "Group) is one of the world's leading suppliers of mobile and stationary vacuum systems suited for both suction and blowing of wet and dry substances. DISAB Group's products are used by a wide range of customers, including independent contractors, manufacturing and process industries, local authorities, railways, harbours, construction companies, etc. The Nordic countries have traditionally been the DISAB Group's core market with a 90% market share in terms of the number of units in place. However, during the last decade, the Group has continuously expanded its geographic presence, and has sold approximately 2,000 mobile and stationary vacuum units world-wide.

Al-Attas group reprensts DISAB in Saudi Arabia & Yemen.

Haugen System AB [ HSAB ]
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Al-Attas are the Sole Agents for HSAB is Saudi Arabia & Yemen. HSAB are suppliers of Central vacuum cleaning system, mobile, stationary or semi-mobile vacuum units.


LOCTITE Corporation
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Talib Ali Al-Attas Est. is an AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR in Saudi Arabia.

Rexnord Industries, Inc. (Chains)
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Talib Ali Al-Attas Est. is an AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR of Rexnord in Saudi Arabia.

Transtar Industries Inc.
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We are the execlusive Authorised distributor for Transtar Industries in the Western, Southern, and Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia.

Transtar Industries, Inc. is a worldwide distributor of quality transmission parts and service to the motor vehicle replacement parts industry. The company distributes a product line consisting of Automatic and Standard Transmission Rebuilder Kits, Torque Converters, Electrical Products, Hard Parts, and other driveline products.

Transtar stocks and distributes the world's largest and most comprehensive line of OEM-quality automotive and standard transmission parts and standard clutch kits. We stock kits, parts and service items to repair over 100 different (light, medium and heavy-duty) domestic and foreign transmissions.


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 Talib Al-Attas Group Presenting Danex AB in Saudi Arabia & Yemen

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