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Introduction to Auto Parts Division
[ Home ] :: Posting Data - Dec 14, 2003, 02:46

[we stock OEM manufacturer parts]
The core business orbits around the various Engine & Transmission parts for Japanese, U.S and European applications, and its Cylinder Sleeves and Roller Bearings.

Our Services are offered by a high level administrative and accounting department and a highly rated sales team and all is backed up by an over 45 years of expertise.

The products are sourced from leading international manufacturers who are OEM suppliers and it includes:

Major Products Stocked:
[High Performance Parts]
  1. Pistons
  2. Piston Rings
  3. Bearings
  4. Valve Components
  5. Oil Pumps
  6. Timing Components
  7. Gaskets
  8. Cylinder Liners
  9. Super Kit
  10. Paper Rubber Kit
  11. Ring Kit
  12. Ext. Leak Seal Kit
  13. Bushing Kit
  14. Filter Kit
    [Cylinder Liners - Wet & Dry]

  15. High Performance Engine Parts
  16. High Performance Accessories
  17. Transmission Rebuilding Kits (Passenger Vehicles)
  18. Transmission Rebuilding Kits (Trucks & Marines)
  19. Transmission Hard Parts
    [Complete range for Engine Parts US & Japanese Applications]

  20. High Performance Transmission Parts
  21. High Performance Transmission Shift Kits
  22. High Performance Transmission Converters
  23. Custom fitting for hard to find engine & transmission

    And many more similar Products.

[Complete range of Transmission Parts]

We will be pleased to supply your needs and invite you to be one of our satisfied customers.

For further information or queries, kindly contact us in any of the ways mentioned below:

    TEL.: +966 (02) 655-6777
    FAX: +966 (02) 654-7476 


    P.O. Box 11592, Jeddah 21463
    Saudi Arabia

For More Information, please contact:

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 Introduction to Industrial Supplies Division
 Introduction to Auto Parts Division
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