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Our Mission

 Our mission is S.I.M.P.L.E:

Success orinted policies
Ideology pillars: Efficency, Trust, Reliability, and Quality
Measurable targets + Visions
Profound service record & reputed name in the market
Long term business relations
Expert services at emergency calls

Our Vision

To provide the Saudi & Middle-Eastern market with the best quality of services and after-sales support while offering world-class products.

:: Profile ::

 Talib Ali Al-Attas Group of Establishments is run by the very same family that established this business over 50 years ago by the founder Mr. Ali Mohammed Al-Attas, working on the same standards and insisting on offering the best brands with an outstanding service.

The group head office is based in the commercial Jeddah city, the biggest sea port in Saudi Arabia.

The group has branches and offices in:

  • ----- Jeddah, (Western Province) [6]
  • ----- Riyadh, (Middle Province) [2]
  • ----- Dammam (Eastern Province) [1]
  • ----- Makkah, (Western Province) [1]
  • ----- Almadinah, (Western Province), [1]
  • YEMEN:
  • ----- Sana'a [1]
  • United Arab Emirates:
  • ----- Dubai [1]

Group Activity:

  1. Auto Parts,
  2. Industrial Materials & Supplies, and
  3. Machinery & Services [NEW], which handles Enviromental Technology - Industrial Vacuuming Systems among other services that will be addeed in the near future.

 Al-Attas has gained the confidence of many manufacturers and distributors world-wide and acts as Sole Agents, Agents and Authorised Distributors.

Further details are in this website and can be found:

  • using the search box at the top of every page
  • using the site Advances Search Engine


Contact Persons:

[1] Mr. Talib Ali Al-Attas
     Chairman & CEO
     Divisions: Administration & Industrial

[2] Mr. Ahmad Ali Al-Attas
     General Manager
     Division: Auto Parts

[3] Mr. Abdullah Ali Al-Attas
     General Manager
     Division: Machinery & Services - IT.

[4] Ms. Hanan Al-Attas
     Financial Advisor
     Division: Accounting

[5] Mr. Mohammed H. Al-Attas
     Managerial Assistant
     Division: Auto Parts

[6] Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Attas
     Secretary to Chairman
     Division: Administration.
     Mobie: +966 50565-5952

Map Location, Mailing Address*, & Organization Charts:

Sultan Bin Salman St.
Alnuzha Dist.
Jeddah, 21463
P.O Box 11592
Saudi Arabia

Tel.  +966 2 655-6777
Fax. +966 2 654-7476

* When sending Mail by courier kindly make sure you state the phone numbers along with the address.

Download the following file: [Click Here]


For More Information, please contact:

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