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Talib Al-Attas Group Presenting Danex AB in Saudi Arabia & Yemen
Feb 15, 2004, 16:51


Talib Al-Attas Group



Danex is developing and manufacturing products for better working environment for the building- and industrial sector.
The products are marketed and sold under the trade name Danex.
The company was founded in 1986, and is now a member of the Crenor group.



Products Brief

Jaw - Crushers
Mini Crushers DX-3
+ Jaw Crusher DX-8
+ Jaw Crusher DX-10B
+ Jaw Crusher DX-12
+ Jaw Crusher DX-40

The main part of Danex's product range is intended for use together with a vacuum unit, and some of these machines are espescially made to fraction material at the working site, for instant vacuum transport of material from demolition- or sanification sites, directly into a pre-collector container.

One great advantage obtained by vacuum transport of fractioned material is the efficient system for material handling, which at the same time creates a better working environment for the demolition crew, by evacuating exccesive dust at the demolition site. Another advantage is that the fractioned material often can be recycled as filling material or in some cases, the material can be recovered for the production of new products.

+ Hammermill DX-150
+ Hammermill DX-350
+ Hammermill DX-600

Nearly dust free grinding and out-transport of hazardous materials, e.g. asbestos, glass- and mineral wool and net insulation. Grinds also plaster-boards glass. tiles, clinker, bricks, wall-plaster etc. Can instead of inlet canal, be equipped with a hose-connection stud, that makes it possible to vacuum material directly from the demolition site, staight through the mill, and get the desdired fraction of material directly into the container.

Compacting Units
+ Compacting Unit DX-15K
+ Compacting Unit DX-30K

Mobile units for filtration and vacuum packing of asbestos and other hazardous materials into a plastic stocking. After fragmentation in a hammer mill or jaw crusher, the material is vacuumed from the demolition site, out to the compacting unit, where the material is hydrauluically pushed into a plastic stocking. The packing-sequence can be steplessly adjusted to suit different material and capacity demands. This way of material handling offers a totally secluded system, with no risk for dangerous fibres to escape into the "clean area" air.

Hose Carriers
+ The " Vacuum Mole "

The "Vacuum-mole" is a hydraulic hose carrier for dry and wet vacuum, both from open and confined spaces. The "vacuum-mole" may be remote-controlled up to 40 meters from the operator. In that case, the machine will be equipped with VHS cameras and searchlights for forward/ back drive. Cameras and searchlights are waterproof which makes it possible to use the machine under water.

Blow Feeders
+ Blow Feeder DX-2500

The blow feeder DX-2500 is intended for vacuum-transport of gravel etc. and is used in combination with a blow-truck, a vacuum unit with a blow connection or a compressor unit with sufficient capacity.

DeVibration Fixture
+ Y-Light

Y-Light is developed in order to reduce the hazardous vibrations, during manual chisel-work, and at the same time make it possible to operate the machine in an up-right position.

Asbestos Sanitation
+ Fine Sanitation Tool DX-110
+ Fine Sanitation Tool DX-120
+ Bandgrinder DX-160
+ Battery powered scissor DX-170

Carpet Tools
+ Carpet Erector DX-95
+ Roller Bed DX-90
- Carpet Tools - DX-96 Series:
+ Glue Spreader DX-96-1
+ Joint Scraper DX-96-2
+ Welding Pistol Holder DX-96-3
+ Lunar Knife Holder DX-96-4
+ Telescope Handle DX-96-5
+ Presser DX-96-8
+ Wide Putty Holder DX-96-9


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